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Friday, November 9, 2018

Meet Mythical Dragons and Beasts at the Singapore Zoo - 17 November to 31 December

Unicorns, griffins and oh yes, Dragons! The Singapore Zoo turns into a fantasy world full of mythical creatures from 17 November to 31 December for their "Dragons and Beasts: Where Inspiration Meets Reality" event.

You will be able to find 17 fantastical beasts (in 3D form) from different cultures around the world at the "Valley of Myths", located near the Otter exhibit.

If you love dragons, you have to make your way there just to ogle at the majestic Ice Dragon Viserion from the insanely popular "Game of Thrones" TV series by HBO. Red Dot Diva knows he is going to be a beaut. Do try to avoid getting frozen to death though.

You will also get a chance to meet the Night King and his White Walkers in person. However, he will only arrive in our tropical Red Dot Island on certain dates (17, 18, 24 & 25 Nov 2018) on 11 AM and 2 PM. Maybe they can bring Winter here and help cool down the hot and humid weather a notch or two?

Friday, September 5, 2014

STGCC 2014: Spotlight on Gene Whitlock - Diva Uncovers the Shady Background About "The Unsavoury Alphabet"

Aussie illustrator Gene Whitlock aka Danger Gene is a very well-known acquaintance of Red Dot Diva. For one thing, they keep bumping into each other in the same geek circles and locations. Not literally, of course. Gene's wondrous beard and hair (*flick*) does not allow that to happen.

What does happen though, is that their encounters are always fun and full of laughter. So it is with much immorally ambiguous pleasure to throw the Red Dot Diva pre-STGCC spotlight on Gene, who will be launching his book "The Unsavoury Alphabet" at BookActually's booth called "The Comic Strip".

(For more details on BookActually's first foray in STGCC, do read this previous article!)

Here's the (VERY) lowdown from Gene Whitlock about "The Unsavoury Alphabet":

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Vampire in the Bayou

One of the things Red Dot Diva hates er.. loves ... about her friend @eserei27 is that Red Dot Diva is able to live vicariously through her. See, @eserei27 the mega fan-girl gets around. ;)

Two weekends ago, @eserei27 made her way to sultry Louisiana for some vampire hunting. No, she didn't get any bottles of True Blood or get chomped on by lesbian Vampire Queen. Instead she bit herself into some diary entries by attending a charity event called "The Unleashed Bash on the Bayou".

The event was hosted by the current sexiest "vampire" of them all (Red Dot Diva snubs the glittery kind, if one must know). He who is none other than the stunningly gorgeous Louisiana homeboy and constant do-gooder, Ian Somerhalder. If one is still unfortunately unaware, Ian stars as vamp bad-boy Damon Salvatore in CW's hit show "The Vampire Diaries".

Being the geeky fangirl, Red Dot Diva confesses that Ian has been one of her top manwich lists ever since she noticed him in "Smallville" as the fated Adam Knight. Remember him?

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