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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Diva Chats With Paul Levitz and Sonny Liew About The New "Dr. Fate" Series

When Red Dot Diva first got wind of Paul Levitz's latest DC Comics project "Dr. Fate", she never expected him to be working with Singapore-based artist, Sonny Liew. They seemed such an unlikely duo, as Sonny's quirky expressive style suggests that it may appeal more to a certain kind of crowd that may not be as familiar with Paul's extensive works.

But then stranger things have happened. In fact, Red Dot Diva thinks this fresh and unique collaboration is what makes the upcoming "Dr. Fate" series so intriguing!

Red Dot Diva *had* to find out more about "Dr. Fate" from both creators, and here are their answers to her nosy questions:

Red Dot Diva: How did this "Dr. Fate" collaboration come about?
I know Sonny’s work back to "Her Faith in Frankie" and always enjoyed his imagination. When Dan Didio and Jim Lee asked me to think about an artist for this new series with a very personal style, I suggested him, and was so pleased they were enthusiastic and able to work it out.

Sonny: Yeah Paul and I met each other at the Singapore Comic Con (STGCC) a few years back, when he was a special guest there . We’ve been in touch intermittently, and when he asked if I’d be keen to work with him on "Dr. Fate" it didn’t take me long at all to say yes. I’m still worried about how the art style will received though, but hopefully crossed fingers and toes will help a bit.

Friday, January 20, 2012

SDCC 2012: Got Your Member ID Yet?

6 more months to SDCC 2012!

Those who have pre-registered at last year's SDCC should have already received their barcoded electronic ticket. They are basically just set to get their butts to San Diego during Comic-Con week!

For those who want to purchase a SDCC pass when tickets are available online later, the Special Red Dot Diva Reminder Service highlights that they will need to secure a Member ID first.

This new procedure also applied to those who have attended SDCC previously as press, professionals or trade professionals.

So it's crucial that you head to this page for your Member ID if you intend to be at SDCC this year. You'll have to get the ID before February 28!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

STGCC 2011 Day 1 - Before Doors Opened

When Red Dot Diva foggily woke up at 7.45 am Sat morning, she read a tweet from ReedPOP's Peter Tatara saying that a line for STGCC was already forming at Level 3 of Suntec. Then, she noticed that his tweet was sent an hour before she had even crawled out of bed!

When she arrived at the Suntec convention hall at 9.20 am, there was a line snaking round the 3rd floor towards the main escalators. This evidently showed the level of interest for this year's STGCC despite all the complaints and naysayers.

From the way, the hype has been going, Red Dot Diva was well aware that most of the early folks were targetting for Hot Toys' gorgeous limited edition exclusives - the 12" action figures of (Batman (Batman Begins)), Shadow Predator and Ironman Mark IV.

Friday, August 19, 2011

STGCC 2011 Media Preview: Cosplay, Comics, Toys!

Presenter Reiko and her shiny hat
Red Dot Diva would be the first to admit that she felt a certain kind of inertia after almost 75% of the STGCC 2011 guest list were officially announced.

There just didn't seem to be a buzz or sense of excitement leading up to this year's event at all.

The vocal reactions from the comic fans have already been well documented by the Straits Times (article by Nicholas Yong) and Here Be Geeks.

Whatever the case may be, Red Dot Diva felt it was worth supporting an event in a market that is already considered small in terms of the worldwide arena. Plus, many of her friends will be at STGCC at their booths displaying their art, or going as cosplayers and fellow bloggers to give their show of support.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Diva's Choice Targets At STGCC 2011

Different folks have different strokes.

And Red Dot Diva knows it is simply not possible to please everybody.

Hence, Red Dot Diva credits the organizers and exhibitors of STGCC for making a valiant attempt to offer a range of "hot specials" for the mixed bunch of local and regional fans who will be attending the convention next weekend.

Red Dot Diva will be stirring up her own of recipe of desirable strokes during STGCC weekend. Here's a list of what she will be aiming for (in no particular order):

Sunday, July 24, 2011

DC Comics Leaps Into STGCC 2011 With A Few Surprises!

The Red Dot Island may be small. And our conventions may be very much niche-based and less crazy than those held in the USA.

The locally-hosted conventions like ComiFest and Anime Festival Asia tend to serve the sizeable anime and manga crowd here and around the region instead of running a more generic pop-culture program.

Still, with a continued focus on a mix of East and West, Red Dot Diva thinks that the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) 2011 has managed to get some pretty cool "Western-comics" guests this year.

Being so far-flung from most Westernized pop-culture hubs, she is always grateful when those who hail from USA, Canada or UK are willing to travel such long distances to our Red Dot Island, just to meet their Asian fans. That shows *a lot* of heart.

For one thing, it seems that DC Comics will be back at STGCC 2011 in a bigger way than before! DC has been a strong supporter of STGCC in the past years and last year, happy fans got to meet Gail Simone and Ivan Brandon.

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