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Saturday, September 3, 2016

STGCC 2016: Tom Taylor Reveals How He Plans His Regular Day As A Writer

Dramatist. Screenwriter. Songwriter. Comic Book writer. Best-selling author.


Wait. There's more.

Professional Juggler. Fire-eater!

The awards and achievements of rising star Tom Taylor is simply astounding. Comic book fans will be familiar with Tom's works in the DC Comics series "Injustice: Gods Amongst Us", as well as a list of Star Wars comics published by Dark Horse, before the property was handed over to Marvel in 2015.

Tom has also co-created his own graphic novel by Aussie publishing house Gestalt, together with illustrator James Brouwer, called "The Deep: Here Be Dragons". The book, about the Netktons, a family of sea explorers, won Australia's Aurealis Award for Best illustrated book/graphic novel in 2012. "The Deep" is now a Netflix CG animation series, and was recently aired in the USA beginning June 2016. 

Other than books, he is also known for his various plays. The short "The Example" is probably the most well-known, and has been performed at homeground Australia, the UK, and even in Red Dot Island's The Esplanade in 2009! "The Example" is about the collision of opinions, prejudices, superstition and feelings of distrust when two people meet at a train station where a bag has been abandoned on the platform. The story has also been adapted into a Gestalt Publishing graphic novel, with Tom roping in the help of artist Colin Wilson.

There certainly must be a multi-coloured cloud of fun, clever and thought-provoking ideas floating in Tom Taylor's brain. So, Red Dot Diva and Glam Bloggers Alliance pal Agent W neural probed Tom's brain to see what makes it tick:

Sunday, May 5, 2013

FCBD 2013: Writer Adam Glass Vs The Local Geekdom!

It Was An Epic Friday Geek Smackdown at Kinokuniya this past Friday, 3 May! *HRumPf!*

The Adam Glass versus Red Dot Island Fans Showdown (otherwise known as "Meet The Writer") began promptly at 7.30pm. The event was an early celebration for this year's Free Comic Book Day (FCBD), and it certainly set the mood right for the next day's festivities.

Accompanied by his beautiful wife Mia, Adam Glass - writer of CW's cult TV series "Supernatural" and a few comic titles, including DC's New 52 "Suicide Squad" - bravely took his position at Kinokuniya's Crossroads to face his fans.

One has to wonder: if "Supernatural" is already considered a cult series State-side, how "big" would the audience in tiny Red Dot Island be?

Before the event, Red Dot Diva tested for fans response on Twitter, but there was only a trickle of tweets from local folks mentioning about Adam Glass' session. So, it was thougt that ... probablyyyyyyyyy..... maybeeee.. only a handful of fans of the series might turn up at Kinokuniya. On a Friday night, no less.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

FCBD 2013: "Supernatural" and "Suicide Squad" Fans - Meet Adam Glass in Singapore!

It's not too often that a writer of a popular TV series or comic or novel visits our Red Dot Island.

But this Friday 3rd May, as part of Kinokuniya's FCBD and "Meet The Writer" program, local fans will get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet someone who is both a comic book writer (DC's "Suicide Squad"/ Marvel's "Deadpool: Suicide Kings") and a staff writer on CW's  long-running TV series called Supernatural -  a drama show about two brothers (and other very bromance-y characters) who kick-butt in heaven, hell and everywhere in between.

Yep, you got it. The guest of the evening will be Adam Glass!

Red Dot Diva managed to catch hold of Adam earlier this week before he bravely endured a super-long flight here to say hello to local fans. What transpired was the fastest interview Red Dot Diva has ever done online: a Q-and-A quick-draw carried out on Twitter .

Thursday, October 4, 2012

STGCC 2012: Andy Diggle On Writing Tips, The Losers, Dr Who and CW's "Arrow"

Thanks to STGCC, local fans have been lucky to meet their share of British comics guests for the last three years.

In 2010, veteran artist of "V for Vendetta" fame David Lloyd was invited as a special guest. The following year, games/ music journalist turned comic book writer Kieron Gillen flew into Red Dot Island and showed us how to rock the convention in a nifty white suit.

This year, Red Dot Diva was glad that STGCC kept up with the Union Jack trend by having writer and former 2000 AD editor, Andy Diggle as a guest. Besides his creative talents in works like "The Losers" (Vertigo), "Green Arrow: Year One" (DC), "Shadowland" (Marvel), "Silent Dragon" with Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan and the latest "Dr Who" (IDW), he also sports a sexy goatee. And Goddess be known that Red Dot Diva sure loves a sexy goatee.

Red Dot Diva got to meet Andy Diggle (and his goatee) up close at the STGCC Media Preview, together with a few other invited journalists and bloggers. In the short span of 20 minutes, he happily and very eloquently fielded several questions about the comics industry, about writing, his various  works, and his thoughts on "The Losers" movie.

Here are some of the extracts from the interview:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

FCBD 2012: Store To Store - The Hunt for Free Comics!

FCBD at Kinokuniya
As most comic fans knew in advance about DC artists Nicola Scott and Ardian Syaf's store appearance at GnB Comics, visiting Rochor Centre early in the morning seemed to be the majority's FCBD strategy.

Red Dot Diva was actually torn between heading to Kinokuniya first and then down to GnB. But not knowing if one would be able to grab some time with Nicola and Ardian before their allotted signing sessions, became the primary decision-making factor. Also, she wasn't too keen to stay out the entire day for their later appearance at the Cathay.

(For Red Dot Diva's Nicola Scott experience at GnB - click here for the blog article!)

Most of the geeks also expected the larger book store, Kinokuniya to have been able to stock up more than ample stocks of comics. But unfortunately, when Red Dot Diva and a small group of comic fans were at the flagship Ngee Ann City store before 12pm, all the bundled packs for members (20 comics!! plus a box of Thor Heroclix) were GONE. :(

Major Disappoints.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NYCC 2011: Spotlight On Comics Artist David Marquez!

Thanks to indie publisher Archaia's disturbing graphic novel "Syndrome" (Blake Leibel/ Daniel Quantz/ R.J. Ryan, David Marquez/ Bill Farmer/ Dave Lanphear) about the minds of serial killers, Red Dot Diva got to know young artist David Marquez, when she was at SDCC in 2009.

She had a lot of fun wavering around the dark side reading "Syndrome" and fell in love with David Marquez's artwork. The drawings were sharp with clean lines and there were some creative angles on buildings and landscapes. She also liked how he drew the figures in a rather realistic way in terms of their body language.

It was also then that something suddenly clicked in Red Dot Diva's brain. The art-style was unique and quite recognizable. Where has she seen this before?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

NYCC 2011: Diva's Stalking Schedule Is Shaping Up!

The NYCC 2011 countdown begins! Only 19 days away!!

And this week, the full panel schedule was finally announced, with some interesting ones that Red Dot Diva will definitely be targetting for.

As NYCC is still primarily a comic convention, it has (thankfully) not been inundated with too much Hollywoody stuff. But if one is so inclined, there are still some cool TV/ movie-related panels to check out!

This is Red Dot Diva's first time at NYCC, so she is trying to balance things out during the convention weekend and trying not to pack too events in her schedule.

However, there are particular panels that Red Dot Diva simply *will not* ... *cannot* miss.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Thor and Captain America Trailers

Holy Super-Stretchy Spandex!

Red Dot Diva has very little interest in watching sports. Even if the bulky men are running around in very tight-wear.

However, when it comes to a different kind of spandex on a different type of men,
Ahh... well..... 'nuff said.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Matt Fraction + STGCC = Prime

Let it be known that Red Dot Diva trumps at mathematics and, naturally with it - fractions. She is very good with the proper fractions, and *especially* fabulous with the improper ones.

However, on the 2nd day of STGCC, she was feeling a little intimidated with a particular problem - Eisner Award-winning comic book writer, Matt Fraction.

While slinking around the STGCC exhibit hall, Red Dot Diva noted the long line of of fans whenever Matt was scheduled for autograph signings. As she passed by the throng of excited fans, she would hear them utter his name in hushed tones of wonderment. Once, she was even stopped by an anonymous fan who, probably noting her media pass, excitedly shoved his hardcover copy of "Invincible Ironman" in her face and asked, "Have you read *this*?!? It's really GOOD!"

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cammo - Diva's First (Interview) At STGCC

Italian? Check
Handsome? Check
Smells good? Check
Geeky glasses? Check. CHECK.

Do ignore first four sentences if one is not interested in Red Dot Diva's auto-mental checklist when she met comic artist Giuseppe Camuncoli for the very first time.

- whiff of his flowery male fragrance -
(For a moment, Red Dot Diva feared that this was going to get terribly distracting. Focus!)

Beneath those dark, enigmatic John Lennon-istic good looks, is a talented rather soft-spoken artist who was very ready to share about his experiences in the comic industry.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Panels, Divadom and More At STGCC

If one has been counting down at all -- it's just 3 more weeks to the Red Dot island's main geeky pop-culture event - the Singapore Toy Games Comic Convention (STGCC) 2010!

The schedule for the panels have already been announced. Click here for the dates and times! All panels will be held in the Panel Room in Hall 401. Red Dot Diva would most probably target the comic-related ones. Which ones will you be targetting for?

It has also been announced that Marvel’s Senior VP, Creator and Content Development, C.B. Cebulski will be shortlisting and meeting possible talents during the event. So, if one is interested, you can submit your names either by email to Reed Exhibitions, or at STGCC itself!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marvel-lous News Indeed!

.. Just in from Singapore, Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC)!!

A press release was released yesterday announcing that widely-popular publishing company Marvel Comics will make their first appearance in Asia at this year's STGCC!

Red Dot Diva couldn't help squee-ing with excitement when she heard the news.

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