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Drowning In Kawaii-ness at the Tokidoki x Kumoya Cafe

Kumoya Cafe has collaborated with lifestyle brand Tokidoki for a pop-up cafe. The entire set up is filled with wildly colourful Tokidoki characters, making it an Instagrammer's dream come true!

This is the world's first Tokidoki cafe, and it is open till the end of June 2018.


Red Dot Diva went to the official launch two weeks ago. Simone Legno, co-founder of Tokidoki, was back in Red Dot Island for the opening as well as meet and greet for 30 fans at a first-come, first-served basis.

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When she arrived, there was already a long line of hardcore Tokidoki fans waiting to meet Simone. Luckily, she managed to score the last ticket for the meet and greet.

Everyone could not resist taking a peek at the colourful cafe. The wall panels, table setting and decoration had a multitude of Tokidoki characters like SANDy, Donutella, Unicorno, Moofia, Mermicorno and more! There were even decals hanging from the ceiling. The entire set-up screams kawaii.

Simone Legno, wearing his trademark fedora, arrived more or less on time. He was in a superb mood, greeting everyone and happily taking photos of the cafe.

The line started moving, but everyone seemed to have a canvas for Simone to do sketches, so it was progressing a little slower than expected. However, the smiles on the fans' faces when they got their autographs and sketches were a joy to watch.

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Somehow, Red Dot Diva found herself lucky for the second time that day. Another fan, who had scored extra tickets and had time to wait, was kind enough to exchange ticket numbers. So Red Dot Diva found herself progressing to an earlier queue number of 23.

Simone gave both Red Dot Diva and a fellow Glam Bloggers Alliance pal warm friendly hugs when he saw that they were next in line for the signing. He thanked them for coming, and Red Dot Diva got him to sketch a Mermicorno on a piece of rainbow scratch paper.

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Red Dot Diva loves the rainbow sketch of Mermicorno that Simone drew. It looks so pretty!

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She also managed to have her cute Perlina mermicorno toy signed by Simone.

As a token of appreciation, Red Dot Diva made a origami unicorn for Simone, who was intrigued by it. He looked at the folds, mentioned that he had been thinking about an origami-related idea for some time, and that the piece could be an inspiration for his idea. Red Dot Diva hopes it really does bring him some magical designing mojo!

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It would take some more waiting time before the cafe opened to serve food for the public. Most of the fans who have completed their meet and greet, were also attempting to get in the cafe again for the lunch.

Red Dot Diva could not afford to wait, so she decided to return to the cafe another time.


Red Dot Diva returned to Kumoya a week later. Surprisingly, a week has gone by since the cafe's launch, but there were still people lining up to enter the venue, which says a lot about the magnetism of the Tokidoki brand.

Stepping into the cafe was like entering into a magical wonderland of kawaii-ness. There were large plush toys near every table, character seat covers, and kaleidoscopic wall to wall panels doodled with popular Tokidoki figures, including one specially designed for Red Dot Island - the quirky Tokidoki Merlion. Ahhhhhhhhhh!! :D

Look at this seat cover!

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Everywhere she turned, there was something adorable to see or touch. It was nearly impossible not to snap selfies and photos when you're seated inside the cafe, and it takes quite awhile to get over that initial giddiness of overpowering cuteness.

Spot the Tokidoki Merlions in this wall panel!

Besides the food items, a mini booth has also been set up for fans to buy Tokidoki toys and collectibles, and it looks like there is a good range of stuff for you to choose from.

The menu was also beautifully printed, and Red Dot Diva wished that she could take one home as a souvenir. Inside were an extensive a la carte selection of drinks, starters, main meals and desserts.

The food items were curated and styled by the well-known Little Miss Bento aka Shirley Wong. Drinks cost about SGD 12.90 to 17.90, while meals are SGD 25.00 on the average. At first glance, the prices seem to be expensive, but there are freebies like keyrings, drinks floats and coasters, that come with selected drinks/ desserts ordered.

During this cafe visit, Red Dot Diva tried a drink, two main dishes, and a dessert:

Latte Iced Latte

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It was a standard iced latte, and wasn't the best that Red Dot Diva had. She prefers her latte way creamier. Then again, the presentation was adorable (look at that Latte shaped cookie!), and it came with a collectible coaster.

Moofia-Protected Pressed Sushi Rice

The pressed sushi rice and grilled unagi was presented with two wafers of Latte and Strawberry Milk and a dash of teriyaki sauce. Usually, Red Dot Diva feels iffy about the unagi because she hates food with bad fishy smells. So, she was surprised that the unagi was semi-crunchy and did not assault her senses as feared. Also, just eating one of the pieces was already quite filling!

SANDy and Polpettina Full-of-Life Chiken Katsu Burger

This meal was oh so satisfying! The katsu patty, which had sweet teriyaki sauce on it, was juicy and tender. The bread was nice and soft, making the entire meal easy to eat.

The fresh garden salad helped wash down the standard potato fries and meat. But check out those bone-shaped fish cakes! Aiyoh! So Cute, how to eat, lah!!

The little pink Polpettina mantou had a smooth custard filling. So, visually as well as taste-wise, this meal was Red Dot Diva's favourite.

Unicorno Rainbow Magic Parfait

For a treat, Red Dot Diva tried this plate of beautifully-presented, rainbow-coloured sugar rush. There was slightly tangy Hokkaido Berries soft serve placed in a rainbow wafer, together with a dark chocolate fudge cake (it was more strong than sweet, which was not a bad thing!), rainbow wafer sticks and heart-shaped jelly. A unicorno cookie sits on a bed of cream, and there were rainbow sprinkles all over the huge blob of cotton floss.

(No, the Tokidoki Bear Brick and Mermicorno did not come with the meal. They were Red Dot Diva's lunch companions! ) By the way, the Unicorno Rainbow Magic Parfait comes with a free Peperino or Marea key ring! For her order, Red Dot Diva chose the fuchsia-hued Peperino.

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The sugar infusion was a perfect way to wrap up a deliriously fun lunch hour

Red Dot Diva thought it was impressive that the food served at the Kumoya x Tokidoki pop-up cafe all looked very close to their respective photo in the menu. Even when one takes away the undeniably cute motifs and styling ideas, the food tasted surprisingly delightful.

So, if you are in need of way to escape from the drudgery of work life, grab a Tokidoki-loving pal and head to the pop-up cafe as an escape.

Guaranteed to perk up one's spirits in a magical way!!


Where: Kumoya Cafe, 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320
When: till end of June 2018
Time: 12 PM to 9 PM daily

Note: The food is not halal-certified but does not contain pork, lard or alcohol.

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