Sunday, February 12, 2017

Diva's Movie Review: "The Lego Batman Movie" Is Funny and Simply Bat-astic!

Total geekgasm is how Red Dot Diva would describe "The Lego Batman Movie", which premiered in local theatres on Thursday, 9 February 2017.

There's LEGO of course, kapow! action, tons of comic book references, several pop-culture nods, and Batman. Lots and lots of Batman! In fact, "The Lego Batman Movie" is more Batman than the Batman movies of recent years, and most of all, it's the funniest!

With Will Arnett providing Lego Batman with his imitable deep raspy voice, the animated bricked Dark Knight is even more larger than life, his over-the-top heroic gestures and constant declaration that he only works alone, is just but an excuse to avoid feeling abandoned again. Even his arch nemesis The Joker (voiced wonderfully by Zach Galifianakis) knows that all too well.

The movie pulls on the heartstrings ever so smartly, with an astute study (or re-evaluation) of who Batman really is, and Red Dot Diva has to say, it is absolutely spot on. Even as it gives kudos to the many variations of Batman through the years, "The Lego Batman Movie" is still able to re-direct fans and show what really motivates Batman, peeling away that tough armoured exterior to show his true feelings for Alfred (Ralph Fiennes), his adopted son Dick Grayson (Michael Cera) and his new fighting team-mate, Barbara Gordon/ Batgirl (Rosario Dawson).

Red Dot Diva thought the brightest spark of the movie was Dick Grayson aka Robin (aka someone who is a bit of a surprise toward the end). His innocence and exuberance coupled with his need to please his Bat-Dad, was wonderfully acted by Michael Cera. Red Dot Diva's heart went all gooey for that kid.

There are also a few great moments for feminism, like when Barbara Gordon is made Commissioner of Gotham City, having stomped crime in Bludhaven. No mean feat! She also kicked ass at one key scene, totally saving the day. Red Dot Diva gave a cheer when Barbara Gordon donned her purple costume and gave a snappy comeback to Batman, "If you call me Batgirl, can I call you BatBoy?"

Then, just when you thought you have spotted all the DC characters you could ever dream of seeing in Lego form, a legion of supervillains from famous pop-culture movies, like Lord Voldermot, Daleks, The Wicked Witch from Oz, Sauron and even Gremlins, join in the fray. Some folks may say it is sheer over-commercialism by the WB, but Red Dot Diva found it hilarious and thought it worked well in the grand scheme of things, like a fan-fiction mash-up come true. (Red Dot Diva personally thought the gamut of DC villains shown was a snide jab at the lack of great memorable baddies in the Marvel universe.)

One main thing that did not impress Red Dot Diva very much was the movie soundtrack. While the rock and gangsta' raps undeniably worked with the angsty persona of Lego Batman, there was not one tune that stuck like an ear worm. So even if it was annoying after awhile, she wished there was a song that she could hum to post-show, as in the case of "Everything Is Awesome" from "The Lego Movie".

Directed by Chris McKay, the "The Lego Batman Movie" is full of irreverent wit, silly moments and frenetic action (Pew pew pew!), which will delight many kids and big adult kids, with the older folks probably getting more hearty laughs from some of cheekier inside jokes. It is a psychedelic, lighthearted, heart-warming beacon of hope in this current ominous state of world affairs, and it sure made Red Dot Diva believe again that everything is possible if you have family and a good team behind you!


Fun tip if you are an iPhone user:

Switch on Siri and say Hi 'puter (pewter) or Hi computer, then check out Siri's reply!

Here's what turned up on Red Dot Diva's screen. :D


If you haven't checked out "The Lego Batman Movie" activity area at ION Orchard's B4 yet, you still have time! The pop-up LEGO store and interactive game will be there till 18 February.
Here's Red Dot Diva's experiences at the activity area.

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